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The Great Myths of PageRank


1. Pagerank value is 0 to 10

We tend to believe that the value of PageRank is an integer, but it is not the value is a real number, though it is an integer used to show in the toolbar PageRank Google.

2. The PageRank displayed in the Google toolbar is used to search results

Every two or three months the PageRank is updated, but that does not mean that Google does not have the most current data displayed in the Google toolbar, so often the value displayed in the bar does not match the actual Google uses to better or worse position a page in searches.

3. PageRank is the primary factor in positioning search results

Not exactly, although the PageRank is and was the backbone of Google as a search engine, but the years have passed and technology has evolved Google, Google now uses a number of factors to position the results of their searches, what remains the same is that nobody outside of the offices of Google knows what factor weighs more.

4. A change in the PageRank of the Google toolbar is great for my site

No that is not correct, what we have clarified above change is not sudden PageRank is a change continued despite this not observe progressively, that is the reason why not appreciate a sudden change in traffic our site.

5. The scale measuring PageRank is linear

Nobody outside Google knows for sure one way or another, but the chances of that are high scale is logarithmic. If so, it means that it takes much more PageRank for a page to the next level of PageRank that it took to pass the previous level. This result reverses the previous conclusion, a link from a PR8 page that has many outbound links is far more important than a link from a PR4 page that has few outbound links.


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